Horses we have sold

Alisha, Gracie, Matt and Rally
Alisha and Gracie, Eastern Idaho State Fair
Matt & Rally
Harley, Congratulations! Ashlyn, GA
April. Congratulations! Austin, ID
Magic. Congratulations! Jerry, WA
Jake. Congratulations, Nordell, WY
Laredo, Congratulation! Nick, ID
Andy. Congratulations! Keith, WI
Keely, age 8
Sailey's Uptown Girl and Keely at Keely's first Queen Contest
Keely, Miss Teen Rodeo 2010, Keely was killed in a tragic car accident in 2012. Our prayers are with her family.
Touch. Congratulations! Donna, WA
Tennessee. Congratulations! Ally, WA
Amber. Congratulations! Leon & Chris, WY
Pearle. Congratulations! Kim, WY
Ruby, Congratulation! Linda, CA
Lilly. Congratulations! Linda, CA
Sophie. Congratulations! Marilyn, WY
Whiskey. Congratulations! Merrill, ID
Traveler. Congratulations! Kathy, UT
Toddy. Congratulations! Bill, ID
Max. Congratulations! Bill, ID
Lindsay and Jazzy
Hustler, Congratulations! Yvonne, ID
Joey. Congratulations! Sara, ID
Barney. Congratulations! Bill, ID
Stetson, Congratulations Nadine! OR
Kahlua. Congratulations, Karren, ID!
Mariah, Congratulations Gary, WY!
Shooter, Congratulation's Merrill and Julie
Belle, Congratulations Lori!